Melodifestivalen 2005 – Interval

So I was looking around at some youtube things, and I happend to come across the interval act for Melodifestivalen 2005 by After Dark. I don’t really know many words to come up with about this, other than it’s absolutely amazingly funny!

It made me laugh on the floor for a few minutes, especially the part with the 3 guys and the push-pins in their bums. Now who would normally think of that? I couldn’t help but laugh at the Charlotte Nilsson impersonater, but really they are are funny. So much I miss when I’m trapped in a boring country here and have no cable.

I can’t help but wonder who those three men were though. Probably some struggling artists that needed some air time and weren’t afraid of being embarrassed.. I do however want to know one of the songs that ‘Lena’ was singing, not the Det Gör Ont, but the other one.. It will drive me insane until I find out.

In the meantime I will amuse myself with SchlaggerParty!

Oh my god!

I have never been this happy in my entire life.. The semi final made me so happy that I want to cry, and in fact did!

Maybe I was building it up so muchc, but it was no dissapointment at all.

Before the show ends this is my pic for the 10 semi-finalists in no order: Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegoniva, Turkey, Iceland, Albania

Certain songs that I didn’t like.. I think Kate Ryan singing Je T’adore was a huge botch and that she did it really poorly. I got the feeling that her and her background singers we way off the whole time.

I was interested to see how Carola would do her song, and honestly she did it very well! She sang it 100% better than the Melodifestivalen Final and Göteborg Semi-Final! It brought me to tears, which is really sad considering I hate her, but the way she did it just made the hair on the back of my neck stand on the edges!!

Sylvia Night of Iceland’s performance was really funny and good, since she sang well, but I was not very happy about them booing here at the beginning since even though she is a lot of controversy but still they shouldn’t have booed her. Even tATu deserved the booing, but not Silvia Night. She’s in your face, but she had a decent song and everything! They booed here at the end and it was very rude, considering she did a good show!

Other notes would be Finland and their absolustely amazing performance! I hate rock, but honestly I think was one of the best performances of the night. They are a huge crowd favourite, and so far in seeing the performances, Finland might be were I go next year 😉

I will write more after the results are shown 😉