Day 2: A Photo of Something You Can’t Live Without

Upon thinking of something that I can’t live without, I really had a difficult time coming up with it. In our lives we have wants and needs. The needs and wants seem to fluctuate and really depend person to person, and even the lines of reality seem to fluctuate in regards to what is needed and what is wanted.

I have come to the conclusion that…


Essentially the photo only is a representation of something that I can’t live without: public transit.

As a commuter from one end of the city to the other, I rely on three (3) separate transit systems interconnected via the mass aggregation of Metrolinx for a more ‘seamless’ and transit-oriented journey. I live in the Northern Suburbs, and work in the Western Suburbs, and unfortunately since the infrastructure in Canada for transit isn’t so vast, it’s a long commute.

Without this service available to me, I’d have to walk everyone, because I’m a pedestrian without a drivers license. So to all the people that help make public transit happen: thanks, and keep it up (cause if you don’t, then I won’t be able to get to/from work, or anywhere for that matter!)

First ‘normal’ day

So for the first time this week I arrived home at a reasonable hour… Here is the low down of my week so far:

  • Monday: To Square One to drop off trousers to be hemmed, arrival home circa 19.30
  • Tuesday: Home directly, then to choir dress rehearsal in Sharon, arrival home circa 22.30
  • Wednesday: To Square One to pick up trousers from being hemmed, arrival home circa 20.30
  • Thursday: Home directly, finally home circa 18.30

I’m still super unimpressed that GOTransit changed bus times and I end up arriving home 30 minutes later. This means my morning commuite is circa 2 hours, afternoon commute circa 3 hours. Please kill me now.

Saving grace is that today, at least, I got home ‘normally’ without being hit on, harrassed, stalked, or any other negative like things that happen to me on a regular basis.

Flatmate search

So how horrible is my life right now? With the scheduling changes at GOTransit, York Region Transit, and Mississauga Transit, my commute during the day has exploded to be approx. 3 hours. This simply isn’t acceptable, and after through complaints to all three systems nothing can be done.

What does this mean? It means I need to move out to Mississauga.

I’m currently looking for a flatmate to share a nice condo in the Square One area. Any takers? 😛

Why I hate hormonal springtime

Words can not describe my distain for springtime hormonal antics of other people. People are getting married, engaged, in relationships, hooking up, moving in together, and whatever else.

I’m just minding my own business, when someone totally tries to pick me up out of nowhere. What do I do? Politely try to fend them off, as I clearly was not interested. What happend then, I clearly was guilted into giving them my number.

They progressed to send odd sms to me whilst I was trying to nap on my connecting bus, and low and behold they try to play all innocent “oh I didn’t want that, I just wanna hang out” and whatever and I so can not even believe that.

Okay I give them credit for having the nerve to do that, but seriously, I’m not approchable at all so why even bother? Only the desperate would come up to me to chat me up, after all.

YRT (York Region Transit) and VIVA, bitches!


So it happened a few weeks ago and I thought to blog it, but it never came about. But I was so happy that it happened it made me sort of excited at 7.00 in the morning.

I was on the VIVA Blue going South, and we arrived at Bantry-Scott, and for the first time since June 1st, the first day of my new job, there were fare inspectors validating tickets. I thought it was kind of funny that it would take that long, but it appears they are going crazy now as I see them at Richmond Hill Centre every morning now.

The sun is rising earlier so it’s nice and light at 7.00 on clear days now!

But still; it was disappointing to know that everyone on the bus had valid tickets!