big brother

My newest obsession

So what have I been doing with my time as a university graduate. Watching a soap-opera of course. Since the olden days of Days of Our Lives that my babysitters used to force me to watch – oh the premenitions of Celeste, or the crazyness of Marlena and her amnesia that never seemed to be cured.

What is my new obsession, thus? As the World Turns of course. But I must admit, along with religiously watching The View everyday at kl 10, I watch Youtube compilations of a certain storyline in ATWT (as the fans call it). What does this mean for me? That I don’t need to waste my entire life actually watching the show, and that I can just watch the clips of the story line that make the episodes about 10mins long, and arriving every week or so with the content that I want.

Just another NUKE fan loggin off; till death do us part!

Whoah random, but that totally reminds me of BB9 this year, that was a total lame-ass ending, that I “watched” via the blogs. That means that for a few months I didn’t actually watch the show since I didn’t have TV, and thus payed attention and voted on such via blogs; aren’t they just the greatest things ever?

[Rethorical question: don’t answer]

What the Buck?

Since my love for Americans seems to be floudering, I discovered something hillariously funny recently. It’s a Youtube comedy called What The Buck?. It’s hillariously funny and is basically a homosexual man’s flamboyant analysis of everything entertainment related in the week. I just watched all of the episdoes so I’m entertained beyond words, subscribe to it for a good laugh and well yeah if you like that kind of thing.

Oddly he’s getting me addicted to wanting to watch Big Brother, which is a really sad thing? Should I watch the US version or the Swedish version? Is the Swedish version as slutty and skanky with as good-looking houseguests? I yearn to know and then will find it somehow, oh the internet and it’s lovely parts.

My one and true love, just doesn’t know it yet, Måns Zelmerlöw, was graced with my listening to his new album. I have to say I’m slightly dissapointed, you need more camp teeny-bopper songs on the next album damnit. But still I’m a fan and I support you, PS I saw you at Pride Stockholm on a video and your male dancers were flirting, try not to look so uncomfortable next time; it makes me sad. On a happier note, I am still going to bear his children, whether he likes it or not. I’ll just pull a Theresa from NBC’s Passions and trick him into somehow impregnating me and me having his gorgeous babies. I’m still infatuated beyond words after his dramatic loss in Melodifestivalen, and even after the Eurovision buzz wears off me, I still desire the unattainable. Why can’t you just make my lifetime and announce your bisexuality, you’re killin’ me here dude.

Anyways, in addition to this I have this amazing infatuation with D’Nash, Tobson don’t judge me okej? I love their album as I got it, and well frankly the boy band thing is so awesome that it makes me cry. If only they actually spoke English and sang songs that were even more boy bandy and poppish… well that’d be expecting too much, they’re Spanish afterall. Keep on boppin’ dudes. So if Clay Aiken fans are called Claymates, does that make me a D’Bopper, or Zelmerlöwer?

What the… ?