Crazy Sights: September 1st

Several things caught my attention on my way to and from work today, and they are as follows:

  • A thirty-something man jerking off in his car, pants fully open (roughly 7am, Yonge & Jefferson Sideroad)
  • Two rabbis at the airport, who couldn’t speak any English (Pearson International Airport)
  • Guy’s fluffy hair that makes his head look like a bobble head (VIVA Blue Bus, between Richmond Hill Terminal and Golf Links Dr, Aurora)
  • A clear blue sky from morning to night, not a single cloud passed the GTA

Newmarket Citizens Band, on Canada Day

For those of whom don’t know me, I take part, since nearly a decade now, in the Newmarket Citizens Band, which is the oldest continuously running community band in the Canada (and possibly the world). I started playing oboe, and moved to flute and piccolo a few years later. In any case, each Canada Day, July 1st, we have a few performances. The morning is the Aurora Parade, which starts at Orchard Heights Dr., in Aurora and goes to Henderson Ave., just north of the train tracks. The evening concert is in George Richardson Park, on Bayview Parkway in Newmarket. The crowds are always poor for the evening concert, but it’s a concert regardless of anything.

Steph's Car Breaking DownThe Sky, George Richardson Park, Newmarket

The only problem was, that it rained so hard that we had to cancel it. That didn’t stop the excitement as Steph’s car battery / car phunked out and I couldn’t resist taking photos of this momentous moment. It was just too funny, and unfortunate of course. In any case, Happy Canada Day, you Canadians, eh!