Ascars ’08

So the time of the year comes again when Mount Allison attributes it’s “popular” people at the Ascars Awards show, the formal event at the always sexy Convocation Hall. This year, like the rest, has been cheesy and concentrated on the North American norm of being “bling bling ghetto.”

Excuse me, but I’m white, and I’m not ghetto. Sorry!

Anyways, the surprises of the awards were not surprising, and even more surprising half of the people who were nominated, I didn’t even know! That’s surprising, since I thought that my widespread knowledge and recognition of colleagues was mondial. In any case, the singing, dancing, and entertainment acts were fun, and I couldn’t help but think constantly to what I would do if I was on stage. Obviously I’d so some contortionist-acrobatic show thing, probably in some scandelous lycra outfit that was just plain fabulous.

Away from dreams for a minute, but a really good comment was made by one of the winners. She stated that it’s really difficult to choose good people and winners amongst 2’000 over-involved people. It’s true, but what bothers me the most about this comment, is nearly 90% of those overly-involved students, are poor academicians, and aren’t completely loyal to the societies in which they participate. If someone is in everything, they shouldn’t be awarded based on quantity; quality is far more important. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it, because she did, but it just made me wonder.

Also, as a side note I have to mention that props to my housemate Sarah for going with me, because I got about 100 rejections today whilst trying to round someone up. We were the peanut gallery in the back, it was fun to dress up! Also, upon arriving there were thunderous roars coming from the “arena” which made it quite intimidating to go in; it’s nothing like it was in my years that I went, that I can assure you!

Also I couldn’t help but laugh at all the skanks walking by strugglin’ in their shose; gurl if you can’t walk in ’em, eitha giv’em to me, or wea somtin’ else!


Ascars, what are they you ask? Well I will tell you in such an elegant way, since it’s supposed to be an ‘elegant’ evening. Ascars is my universities’ version of the Oscars, so it’s where many band performances are and people get lots of awards like Student of the Year or somehing like that. Well I must say that I’m dissapointed that nobody from my house won anything, but then again I’m not suprised. Withing being bitter at all, I must say that our house executive has done a very poor job at integrating all the new students, and even throwing events that people come out to due to the fact that the social chairs only do events that they would like; how sad!

Anyways, ‘House of the Year’ went to Windsor, which is not suprising at all considering their executive is amazing and they have the most fun. It’s funny, because I debated to live there next year, but since I wanted a single room I came back here.. I don’t think I could have standed a double room again this year! Anyways, so everyone was dressed up and went to the largest hall for anything in the East Coast, Marjorie Young Bell Convocation Hall, which seats about 3’000 or so. The venue is really a wonderful place to see as the entrance is made in marble completely, with a fountain of some sort of mythical characters who are pracing and froliking around.

So everyone in semi-formal attire, naturally afterwards everyone got really really drunk or something, and were loud while I decided to keep quiet and do some work in my room. I have a presentation to do on Monday for music history, as well as some French grammar, and some assignments that will be due in 2 weeks (even after classes are done)! Oh well I can handle it, I think 8|

Oh and as a side note, why are people so loud, even when they aren’t playing music? Music I can handle, but yelling and screaming swear-words and such is un-necessary! I had half a brain to go out there and scold them in Swedish telling them to grow up or something; but I know they would have laughed and carried on anyways. And so I watched a movie about a place in the U.S.A. where they have these special turtles, and a whole bunch of the characters are all inter-related due to adoptions. It’s really quite a thought-provoking movie, but sad becasue at the end, the secondary character who has been wandering the U.S.A. since he was 17, died of HIV, and his adoption mother or birth mother never got to see him before it happend, since he denied medication. Really very sad, and kept me awake in bed for awhile before I fell alseep.

I consider myself an emphetic person, but honestly I could never deal with something like that I think, or even try to understand since I’ve never been in a position where I could die at any moment. Hmm, some things to ponder clearly!

Ahh so I’m off to go teach a 2hr lesson of yoga at the gym like always. Maybe the class will be less than 30 students today :roll:, yeah right I wish! I’ll write more later after I return some DVDs to the rental store in town.