It’s a topic of great contention and when it comes to me, it’s an omnipresent event that seems to happen no matter what I do or no matter the preventive actions that I put forth.

Abandonment, essentially is the noun for being abandoned. Originating from Middle English, adopted from French abandoner, for me it’s one of the most tragic and hurtful things that can happen. If there was such a thing of abandonphobic, I’d be it.

I think it ultimately stems from lack of closure on things, relationships, or interactions with people. When you have lack of closure in a certain situation, some people are able to overcome this without any struggle and are in some way sufficiently egotistic so that they may concentrate on themselves and manage to mend themselves, or to convince themselves that they are better off without those persons or things.

Even if that’s the case, people like me, will never be able to get over certain events in their lives without complete and total closure. Speaking of which, how often do we get closure for events in our lives? I reckon that the response is no, but even still; how does everyone else manage? How is it that everyone else can keep a level head and completely forget about things?

I’m incapable of such, and no matter how much work that can be put on it, my brain is incapable of forgetting such things; I suppose perhaps because the hurt runs deep.

Back to the subject at hand: abandonment.

How much abandonment do you have in your life? Do you consider the events that have occurred in your life to be the ‘norm’ or do you feel that you’ve experienced more non-tangible abandonment? Personally, I’m becoming more and more introverted because of abandonment. Why interact with people and build a trust and time with them, when they are going to abandon you anyways?

Seems quite pointless to me.