This post is a special one for my dear friend:


This is the guy that I met on (bless it’s soul) in the community and we have been e-mail buddies ever since. What is so special abotu Jeroen? Well everything from the fact that he’s so nice, intelligent, and handsome, to the fact that I know him and thus by association he’s awesome. We started talked many many years ago, and it was only until last year that he asked me about doing an exchange in Canada, so I naturally suggested Mount Allison. Oddly, he showed up to the International Orientation the following September, whilst I was in Strasbourg and he spent a semester there.

Upon return to MTA I talked to my friends, and they were all surprised to know that I knew him, and that I was the one that suggested him to come here, but in addition they had countless things to say. They all secretly were in love with him, but of course his height and near to me frigidity sent them packing. I could only help but laugh at their funnies, and then tell him later of this flattery.

What is with him now? He’s becoming someone famous in Den Haag, while I’m becoming a nobody, as expected, somewhere on Earth. Wherever will accept me, frankly. Sadly him and I have yet to meet, even after all these years of being buddies. The time will come, and most likely happen my next year in France, as long as he doesn’t skip the continent at all. But in any case he’s the higest on the priority list of people to meet as of late. Meeting people is always such an exciting part of life, especially when you know so much about them and then see them in the flesh.

A huge warning to Jereon from his secret twin Thijs, although they both hate hugs and such, he better be expecting the hugest glomp (def: running-jump-huggle) ever in the near future; something that he should have forseen for the last few years. He’s intellgient and attentive enough to notice such things.

I love my dear friend Jereoen so much, like I do all my special friends who I connect well with. I also have this entry dedicated to him, since I threatened him in an e-mail, and he wants juicy details and doesn’t like how I’m so vague all the time. Well what can I dig up for him? I will make it really obvious for him and not even hide it through metaphors and other literary devices:

I recently received a very interesting e-mail from someone that I haven’t heard from in a really long time. As it turns out they are studying quite far away, and as a result have been quite busy studying difficult subjects that I can never even begin to understand or even want to comprehend. Also, they have seemed to start a new life with a new name and have become quite premiscious as a result, all of which doesn’t surprise me because we talked much about this during Christmas. In any case, this friend of mine keeps coming back at the most inopportune times, that is to say, everytime that I think I’ve severed such contact and become half calm about the situation, it just gets worse. Sad part is that I’m too kind not to respond in some form (at least not even late) to e-mails, so the chances of me getting over emotional baggage in my life is next to nill. I will never get over such things, as they are the closest that I’ve ever been to having something, but then as alwasy when it comes to me, things fall apart and do not appear to be as they are. Osky turns a page, and continues with the rest of his “life”…

Is that good enough for you Jeroen? I can’t give out anything more “juicy” because I have readers that are 50+ and I like to keep some privacy. In the next few posts I will have back-images and such, especailly relating to my awesome Pit Orchestra experience with Garnet & Gold’s Production of Cinderella!