Truth be told, 1992 was a good year. I remember it well, and one of things that comes from this year is a Christmas classic, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. A Charles Dickens adaptation, we follow the journey of Ebenezer Scrooge through a musical Disney adventure.

The Muppets are a central part of my life. They were my friends when I was alone as a child, they were a respite from the seriousness of life, but most importantly they are just amazing.

I love them so much that I watch the classic series every year on New Years Eve! I have rearranged and retexted the introductory song to fit as my own introduction for the “Ask Osky” segment of an online radio show (Holla Holla 2011-13!!). I just can’t get enough of the Muppets.

Did I forget to mention that my mobile phone background and lock screen images are the muppets? So you can imagine that me picking this movie (and song) is unsurprising, but honestly this is a great movie for all ages. I show it to my students every year, and they think its hillarious and wholesome.

Long live the Muppets, and enjoy this song for a feel good moment or two. Then go watch the movie!