Do you remember what you were doing on this day, in 2000? While it may be an important human date for the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day, and the gradual orbit tilt to change back the pendilum of time, this giving us more sunlight. More sunlight hear you! And so this pick is apropos for several reasons. On the darkest of days, comes the darkest of songs.

NewSong was a relatively unknown artist when I heard this on the radio. I was sitting on a bus and I heard the music through the riddles bumps of the bus. Outlining the final thrust towards getting a Christmas gift for a dying mother of a young boy in the queue, Christmas Shoes reminds of, much like Charlie Brown, what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Is it those presents you make, buy, give, and/or receive? Living in a consumer based world makes this difficult to balance, but thankfully I live in a country where it is rather modest in terms of consumerism, but goes full out on food. Living in China or Canada during the holidays always struck me in a difficult way. The hustle and bustle to buy presents, and I just didn’t feel like I belonged. It was not because the Christmas spirit didn’t surge thorough my soul, nor that I was a child with minimal financial freedom; I just didn’t understand why I was doing what I was doing. I reflected, evaluated, and realised that maybe the path was not my own, so I turned around.

Bref, the song brought many to tears on first listening. I can see it, I felt it too, so grab a tissue if you haven’t heard it and enjoy this one hit wonder.