When you think of Christmas albums, more specifically sy 15 years ago, the likes of Michael Bublé and a myriad of others was not even in existence yet. We, or rather I, had been listening to this artist now for basically my entire life. Enter Bing Crosby.

A classic and popular musical artist from days ago, Bing Crosby has an intimate style and highlights a very Vaudeville male style in his music. Deep and sultry, charming and alluring. Thats him alright. 💃🕺

And as it turns out he’s a pretty decent actor too. Don’t be like me and wait 30 years before seeing the classic Christmas film, White Christmas. It’s classic; it’s got singing, dancing, love, and laughs. Really, go now and watch it! If you do, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Silver Bells, a song from the 50s, has a funny history which involves the original name being scrapped for a potential reference to slang about peeing. 😂 Despite this, it’s a Christmas perennial and we can’t get enough of those ring-a-lings! 🎻