I found it quite hard to limit myself to 12 songs, so I include this most important selection into the mix as a bonus.

As many people know, music has been a large part of my life; it started in school, like for example me learning euphonium, oboe, french horn, and flute, several of which I just learned for specific performance that either I arranged (like a Christmas melody one year) or performing in a brass ensemble (fewer even would remember this). Either that, or having studied music at university and focusing on the other orchestral instruments, it might be become more clear that I love instrumental music.

Even as a community band performer on either flute, piccolo, or oboe (who remembers those moments?!), or in student or amateur orchestras, it’s clear that my broad experience in music couldn’t be denied. It was in these latter ensembles that I was introduced to Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride, a very fun instrumental version of the song set to words. With a busy percussion section, it’s easy to see why this became a winter season classic.

Even today, while I’m not technically a music teacher in my school, I’m moonlighting as a recorder ensemble director in order to offer students an opportunity to learn to read, play, and show emotion through music. And just to prove how nerdy I am, I broke out the bass recorder in my French class on Friday to play along with the Christmas music playing – and believe me, I was just as surprised at them, being able to play by ear and find the melody thus tricking them into thinking I have perfect pitch. “No,” I replied, “but I am a pretty darn good musician!” 🤣

The recorder family is found in my living room, along with the double bass, the electric upright double bass, the piano, and the growing books of repertoire piling by the TV. Believe me, while searching for a new house or apartment, the idea of “a music” room truly needs to come to fruition. Enjoy this little instrumental tune, before returning to our regularly scheduled march towards the Eve of Christmas. Bonus unlocked! 🎄🌟