I was recently reminded of a message I learned back in 2011 thanks to the group Love Generation. The irony of this name is not failed upon me, as much like it seems to happen, love dies. However, Love Generation was apparently resurrected as the newly named Stockholm Syndrome. Sadly, I haven’t heard much from them since.

But that is beyond the point; the message of this blog post is more about “When you Dance Alone.” I’m often reminded of a famous quote that resonates with many people:

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.”
~ Satchel Paige

Normally I don’t quote sports stars, but this baseball player was interestingly on to something. In a time before a large or grandeur idea of self-acceptance or individualism, his words are a juxtaposition that addresses the fundamental need for doing things despite not having or needing something.

When we dance alone, we become ourselves and (presumably) we don’t need others to help us. And while normally I would go “all in” with the lyrics, Dance Alone by Love Generation veers a bit off from that, soliciting the help of their girls to help them through the loneliness:

“I’ll dance alone, keep the music playin on on and on
I’ll dance alone, I can do it on my own yeah yeah yeah
I don’t need you tonight got the girls on my side [cause I’m up for the fight]
And now we [I’m] having the time of my life
So (wow?) keep the music playin’ on
I’ll dance alone”
As you can see I took some liberties to rewrite the lyrics to fit the situation. Before I ramble some more, enjoy the song…

So why am I writing about dancing alone? Most people would agree that going out dancing by yourself is a waste of time, and it’s not as fun. Some friends might think that’s okay when you’re looking to hookup, but if it’s anyone that I know knows that it’s not for me. I was out with friends, and I guess they don’t like the music so they go and get drinks, smoke a cigarette, or other.

Thus I often find myself dancing alone, and the looks you get are insane. People think you are the weirdest thing and stare you down. When I’m in the dancing mood, it’s all wet hair don’t care attitude. I stare them down and shake my booty just like the Love Generation girls.

Why you such a hater? Just dance, even if you’re the most alone person on the entire planet like me.