Linköping.00.Noor el-Refai & Anders Jansson

Off the races we were last week with a somewhat weak semifinal, here’s to hoping that this weeks competition is much more positive and enlightening.

J.E.M. – Love trigger
=> Andra Chansen


What to do with two women and a man, one of which raps in English that is barely comprehensible, and the other two that give their charm and odd beauty in the form of shaved head and tons of jewellery? Well this one is catchy to say the least, and I really just want to shake my booty to – although the middle part in terms of production value is very amateur and not very good – the overall performance is pretty decent.

The Refreshments – Hallelujah
Linköping.02.The Refreshments

Nothing really to write home about this one. It’s boring and simple with unattractively dressed people on stage. Why in the world would this song be selected in the pre-selection? I really don’t understand how the criteria was met, but alas it’s a major flop. Sorry!

Manda – Glow

With the semi-hipster hair that just is gorgeous but odd, and the nails to cut like a cat, this song leaves much to be desired. It’s modern and upbeat, but it’s just too much of a mainstream pop song to be attractive to me. The strings are similar to many songs that I’ve heard and thus it lacks originality. The vocals are alright, but doesn’t sell with me.

Panetoz – Efter solsken
=> Finalen

This one qualifies and I don’t really understand why. I don’t see at all what the appeal is – it’s a bunch of reggae grassy men singing and it just looks awkward on stage. It’s a group of five black guys and a white guy that raps – and stereotypically shouldn’t it be the other way around? The choreographs are awkward and it just looks like a mess on the stage. What were you thinking, Sweden?

Pink Pistols – I am somebody
❗ Personal Favourite
Linköping.05.Pink Pistols

When you get two homosexuals and two drag queens together to sing against inequality, what else could there be but fabulousness? The men have fantastic vocals, but the ladies struggle a bit and look a bit awkward. Black and pink go perfectly together, but really when it comes down to it, the song might have been too political for the contest. It has a good message of tolerance, but Sweden didn’t buy it. 🙁

Sanna Nielsen – Undo
=> Finalen
❗ Personal Favourite
Linköping.06.Sanna Nielsen

Well she’s back, and she come back with a punch that could quite possibly win the competition. It’s classy, it’s simple, it’s an epic power ballad that speaks about past relationships and wanting to undo the mistakes that have been made. Her vocals are flawless and it’s about time that she deserves to win – it’s been forever and she’s tried many times. This may just be her moment, but it depends on what other songs are in the next few semifinals.

Little Great Things – Set yourself free
Linköping.07.Little Great Things

It’s bad, it’s just plain bad. I don’t like it and there is nothing about it that appeals to me is perhaps the mascara on the lead singer. The green isn’t so bad either, but really it’s just annoying and the song has no thrust. Bunch of youngsters rocking about with no real purpose, cause we all know that they won’t win!

Martin Stenmarck – När änglarna går hem
=> Andra Chansen
Linköping.08.Martin Stenmarck

He’s back, after a long break and with a song that really strains his abilities. He’s a professional artist but for some reason he elected to sing a song that’s on the top end of his range and the strain is visible in the production of it. It’s bright with lights, and it’s a decent enough song, but boy does it show the aging of Martin. He’s not 18 anymore, clearly!

So-so semifinal, possible winner in this one, but what do the next two have in store?