Malmö.00-01.Noor el-refai and Anders Jansson

After a somewhat unsuccessful year in Eurovision Song Contest last year, Melodifestivalen contest is off to the races to choose this year’s Eurovision entry to represent Sweden in Copenhagen. Our hosts this year, Noor El-Rafai and Anders Jansson who bring a somewhat nervous and unexperienced combination in terms of hosting. Never the less, let us begin.

Yohio – To the end
=> Finalen

With a strong second place performance last year, Yohio returns with his new song which is oddly similar to last years. I find it less charismatic and less good, frankly. As skinny as ever, and as gender ambigious as ever, he has his eyes set on the prize and has the fan base to support it. He progressed to the final with ease, with a less than interesting performance. It had pyrotechnics and colour, but really it lacked excitement.

Mahan Moin – Aleo
Malmö.02.Mahan Moin

A weird song for a weird woman and performance. It looked awkward from the start and continued to go down that road the whole time, even with the anthem-like theme that was less than stellar. It didn’t qualify for good reason and will forever be remembered as the song with strange orange octopus looking silk. I feel like it wasn’t to be like it’s from Brazil or something, but fails miserably.

Linus Svenning – Bröder
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.03.Linus Svenning

This heartfelt rough song is about brothers and it’s sung by a very gruff looking singer who has more piercings than I have body hair on my body, and more tattoos than all of the hair on my head. The image is a rough man, but the song is a rough but emotionally charged and powerful. It’s no doubt that the tele-voters got on board, but the shy smile that Linus provides just in a strange way melts your heart.

Elisa Lindström – Casanova
Malmö.04.Elisa Lindström

Well if we ever were lacking schlager, it was this year for sure. To the rescue Elisa Lindström with her Casanova song that really takes the case for massive cheese in one act. Awkward costumes, teeny-popper melody and talking about love, as they all do. I’m not sold, but she does make for a very good photo op!

Alvaro Estrella – Bedroom
Malmö.05.Alvaro Estrella

Former dancer turned singer, this act lacks conviction and decent singing and dancing. While he sounds okay, he looks painfully awkward and puts Michael Jackson to shame with the amounts of time that he grabs his crotch. I mean really, what kind of message is he trying to convey here with this song about his bedroom? I’m far too innocent to get this.

Ellen Benediktson – Songbird
=> Finalen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.06.Ellen Benediktson

By far the strongest song in this semi-final, I believe that Songbird brings the simplicity and the sweetness of tune, lyrics, and display. No frills, no dancing, just song. Ellen executes it, even if at some times her vowels are a bit strained, it is effective in it’s general context. I find myself floating above the clouds and flying high in the sky with this one. Better be top 5 in the final.

Syvlester Schlegel – Bygdens son
Malmö.07.Sylvester Schlegel

What the hell is this? I really don’t like it’s presentation or it’s melody at all. It’s very weak in terms of production value, and despite it being quite a well known musician, it lacked polish and interest in order for it to do decently well. It’s left behind and for good reason.

Helena Paparizou – Survivor
=> Andra Chansen
Malmö.08.Helena Paparizou

When a diva is born, she never dies. This diva walks out on stage and stays there the whole time by herself working her diva ways with her very intense song about being a survivor. She’s got the vocals, the appeal, the crowd support, and certainly the uhmph factor that is required. It’s an anthem and it’s totally worth listening to and feeling along with.