When you meet someone for tea that you fancy in some way or another, is that considered casual dating? Despite that person not being interested in you at all, is that still considered dating? If it’s so consistant that it happens about 8 times, and each time it appears to get more and more interesting and people feel more and more at ease with each other does that continue to constitute casual dating?

All of these questions are obviously a representation of how ambiguous and complicated dating in the 21st century is. This is especially true when men, in particular, are so poor at communicating their feelings and or desires bar the lets go to bed type of communication. So, it’s no wonder that people are so confused these days as to what kind of relationship status they are currently involved in.

At first it was the “we aren’t exclusive” attitude, and then it’s the “we haven’t talked about it” situation, and then it’s the “we are casual and sleeping around but I don’t know if they are doing the same” situation. As you can see they get more and more vague and rely less and less on actual communication. Why did the human race and society get this way? Why do people allow this relationship ambiguity? Why do people put up with it, and the “games” that people play?

These question and this discussion are in no way representative of my own situation, but since I was out for tea with a friend the other night I started to think about it more and more. I guess the ambiguity is akin to the possible situation that people are meeting for dates, and one person is interested and the other person is quite aloof or not interested at all.

Lets get communicating, people. Less peoples hearts will thenceforth be broken!