If there is one thing that I am so irritated about this year, is teamwork. Teamwork in the most general sense and not even in a competitive way. It’s the whole aspect of individuals working together to achieve a common goal – whether it be in assignments, or sports, or social groups. After three months of straight teamwork, I’m quite tired of it and need a break.

Why do I say this? It’s because I put all my effort into making things work as a team, and to morally and emotionally support other members of the group, but then they don’t put any effort into it and as a result the team has to struggle through whatever they are doing.

So when I get frustrated about other people’s lack of involvement or lack of motivation, I believe it to be completely valid. Why even bother participating in a collaborative professional programme if you aren’t going to pull your weight or take things seriously? Why even bother to play team sports if you know that you aren’t going to play like a team member?

It bothers me to great lengths to reflect upon this and it comes to a point where I would limit myself in terms of social involvement as a result just to cut the negativity out of my life. And what bothers me the most is that it appears to be a specific age range or set of birth years that share this ineptitude, it makes me stereotype others and view things differently.

Anyone born in the 90s beware, I’m currently not impressed. And to the douche-bag that plays team sports and doesn’t play like a team member, get a life and grow up.

On a completely unrelated, I feel like I’m going through social déjà vu and things are just replaying over and over again from the past. The same social problems, and the same feeling that when I finish my studies again, I will not have any social vestiges from which to draw or rely upon.