When someone asks to be saved what does it mean? I’m referring of course to the saving expression when someone isn’t about to die, but rather the more euphemistic version that someone says when they are healthy and in no perilous circumstance.

Are we looking for a prince charming, a burly older man, a petite woman, a butch or lipstick lesbian, or something else? Is this person supposed to whisk us away, hold our hand for support, help us run away, or just want to ravage us in bed with sexuality? Is that person strong, kind, empathetic, or is it not even a person at all?

Its a cry for help, moat assuredly but the question of course is what is behind that request or plea?

I don’t think I imagine royalty but more simply someone to come and change what I think, what I feel, how I see the world, and how I react. Its never happened to me get, I don’t expect it to ever happen, but I’m open to the possibility and open minded to what comes thereafter.

What about my interpretation in a more general sense? I’m a Cancer, a deeply loyal dreamer that’s sensitive and is fickle. I’m not asking for royalty, or richness or a dream come true and once upon a time ending… I want a change of perspective, an unconditional devotion, a person that likes me for me and takes me away to help me be who I’m destined and deserving to be. Most importantly this person needs to make me laugh and be kind.

So in the spirit of letting free and hitting rock bottom: Please, save me cause Lord knows I deserve it!