Roasting in the it’s too hot to do anything but lay down under the influence of a fan kind of roasting: not the insult kinds that were popular in the years predating my birth.

It’s disgusting how much I haven’t accomplished today. I literally have laid around and avoided doing anything but putting water into myself and the occasional saltine cracker. There is something about the heat that makes it unbearable to do anything, and it doesn’t help that it makes me uncomfortable and clammy.

I will recap what’s been going on today however. I got my first phone call in three months on my mobile, to discover that it’s a pocket-dial mistake. So I removed it from my call log in order to keep the statistics up with nobody calling me.

All in all there isn’t much going on except for roasting and melting and everything in between. This, people, is what it’s like not having a life at all.