If you’re a male reader, have you ever wondered what its like to have a man be interested in you, try to charm you, and eventually be in a relationship with you? Is it something that differs from the male perspective? I can’t imagine it would be the same, and try as I may to understand the dynamics of my female friends relationships, I feel at a loss and like I’m missing something.

Its true that I relate more, and conduct a thought process very similar to women but since I have little to no experience in the male world, I haven’t really had the opportunity to compare or form a synthesis of information.

Are men more patient with women? Do they treat them respectfully? Do they alter their habits to conform? Do they charm their way into a woman’s life? Do they touch differently or have different physical needs? Fob they nurture or assist the natural nurturing intuition of women or do they just protect?

As I’m sitting on one of my morning busses the thought came to me, and it suddenly grew into a philosophical question. So; what do we think?