I seem to be on a rampage today with blog postings but alas I have no idea what’s come over me except for perhaps the awed inspiration of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences awards. My topic of discussion this time is speed dating, or by which I mean normal dating for people in this day and age.

People I know, or talk to seem to encounter a lot of people in a short amount of time. They jump from partner to partner, with very little downtime and it’s to a point where I actually mistakingly asked someone about their ex-partner (unbeknownst to me) three partners prior.

I then encountered a blog post of someone I know that suddenly became into a relationship in what seems like overnight. I immediately thought, well yes attractive people seemed to get scooped up rather quickly, but then I started thing why? Is it that people can’t handle being alone for extended periods (or at all)? What about the unattractive people? What causes someone to be so reckless with theirs and other people’s feelings?

All of these questions are of course rhetorical, but it really got me thinking. At first I was jealous, but after reflexion of approximately five minutes, I find myself to be in a better position than all of that nonsense. For me getting to know someone on an intimate level shouldn’t be about speed; it should be about comfort, spending time together, and learning the nuances of how two individuals (read individuals…) are joined.