Is there anyone out there that reads tarots? I’m in the process of learning and it’s my second full reading. I have analyzed it myself but perhaps someone who’s well versed in tarot readings would be able to assist and give some insight?

My question was:

What do I need to understand about my current situation concerning men?

Tarot Spread Dec. 4, 2011 - Celtic Cross

The resulting spread (as shown in the image above) in Celtic Cross is:

1. Magician
2. Queen of Cups
3. Judgement (Reversed)
4. V of Cups
5. X of Cups
6. X of Wands

7. Ace of Cups
8. VI of Pentacles
9. III of Pentacles (Reversed)
10. III of Cups

As you can see there is quite the theme of cups, denoting emotion. Oddly when I do my daily readings I tend to pull of lot of Major Arcana and Cups. I have yet to ever draw a Sword.

Any insights to share?