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Is there anyone out there that reads tarots? I’m in the process of learning and it’s my second full reading. I have analyzed it myself but perhaps someone who’s well versed in tarot readings would be able to assist and give some insight?

My question was:

What do I need to understand about my current situation concerning men?

Tarot Spread Dec. 4, 2011 - Celtic Cross

The resulting spread (as shown in the image above) in Celtic Cross is:

1. Magician
2. Queen of Cups
3. Judgement (Reversed)
4. V of Cups
5. X of Cups
6. X of Wands

7. Ace of Cups
8. VI of Pentacles
9. III of Pentacles (Reversed)
10. III of Cups

As you can see there is quite the theme of cups, denoting emotion. Oddly when I do my daily readings I tend to pull of lot of Major Arcana and Cups. I have yet to ever draw a Sword.

Any insights to share?

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  1. Magi reversed : You have all the skills you need to proceed, a little insecurity remains,

    Queen of Cups : This Queen is queen of the suit of emotion, conscious of her internal voice though prefers to keep this hidden. Sensitive vulnerable, though totally in control. Water signs are relevant, Cancerians can be relevant.

    Judgement reversed : Friendship exalted. The renunciation of the married state. Seeing clearly, awakening.The moment of decision.Renewing one’s attitude and approach.Opening to spiritual influences.Freedom from past guilt; a strong desire to improve.

    Five Cups :
    This relates to ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ when the 5 of cups appears we must always accept that if a scenario seems bleak there is always the hope that we can salvage the best from what is left. People who continuously ‘look on the bright side’ or who visualise their cup half full rather than half empty do seem to have a better run of luck than those who always expect the worst. The 5 is an uncertain number, it’s position in the suit gives the impression that things could go either way. The 5 symbolises that we are regretting previous actions or indeed feeling a real sense of loss.

    Ten Cups : Position of ideals
    The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success. In relationships this can symbolise that the soul mate may have been discovered but not secured, the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is possible. The wish from the previous card in the suit has been fulfilled. Emotionally we are genuinely happy, we sense that everything is working out for the best. Trust is forming allowing you to experience true freedom, you can now follow your highest ideals, now is the time to fulfill your aspirations.

    Ten Wands : The Ten indicates that you are facing an uphill struggle, where every gain feels like a fight. When this card appears, acknowledge it & ask those around you to ensure that you take things easy & lighten your load. If you continue under this kind of pressure then you are doomed to failure. The Ten of Wands indicates that your life is going to be tougher than usual for a time. You will have to fight uphill for every little gain. Each step will feel like a struggle. When you see this card, be kind to yourself. Lighten the load wherever you can, and let others help you. You don’t have to handle everything yourself.

    Ace of Cups : The Ace of Cups, the very root of the suit of cups that correspond to water & the emotions. As we are composed mostly of water the power of the moon can have a strange pull on the emotions, this is never to be expected more than when the Ace appears in our reading. Often compared to the Holy Grail the Ace of Cups is always welcome though you need to be objective & make sure that your feelings are not obscuring it’s true meaning.

    Six Pentacles :  When the six appears we need to take careful stock of our resources. The essence of this card is sharing and generosity, though it is essentially about friendship. The Scales in the background of the image indicate business, loans or questions of financial security. When the six appears we realise that the problems of the five are behind us, we are set to experience good fortune and success.

    Three Pentacles reversed : When the three of Pentacles appears your talents are recognized and any outstanding payments for work completed can be expected. Your reputation will spread in front of you, you have exceeded expectations and you’ve gone beyond your comfort zone to bring a project to conclusion in record time. Your talents are set to pay off, though you have not been great at blowing your own trumpet or showing exactly what you are capable of. In fact on several occasions you have allowed others to take recognition.

    Three Cups Outcome : Celebrations surround the Three of Cups. After an unstable period of hard work time should be taken to appreciate what has been achieved. The trinity of the Ace, Two & Three in the cups suit correspond to the planting of the seed or idea, germination & then joy as the Three blossoms, signifying a positive result. As with all cups the Three of Cups overflows with emotion, prudence is necessary, success must be firmly established & built upon before the potential of the suit of cups is fully realised & fulfilled. Often when interpreting the cards for clients the Three of Cups on an emotional level indicates that the first exciting flush of a relationship has blossomed in to the potential for a committed bond. The warning here is you must be prepared to accept the other ‘ warts & all ‘. It will also require you to ruthlessly look at yourself & identify traits that could be a challenge to a successful union, are you really ready to be that honest with yourself ?

    Generally : Get ready for a burst of spiritual development. You feel almost afraid to allow yourself to reveal your true interests, this probably applies to you personally in several situations. You really value the opinions of those that you allow close and need their validation. You present a confident organised exterior, though inside you have a more mystical approach to life in general. You certainly don’t accept things on face value & need something to be convincingly proved before you agree. You have been feeling hemmed in recently & you are craving more variety & freedom in your life in order to express your true feelings. Long term relationship adjustments have proved challenging though now you are confident in what you really desire. You have realised that you need to think carefully before being too honest as there can be repercussions from speaking your mind. Recent discussions with another have been enlightening & refreshing, you have missed this chance to speak freely. I can tell that you have not achieved your full potential, you have much left to do & will not be happy until you can fully integrate things that you enjoy in to your work life balance … Your mind has been buzzing recently & your thought process has been working hard. Remember to focus your thoughts only on the positive as thoughts are energy & thoughts really can form your future & become reality ….

    Paul x

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