I have embarked on a new path of spiritual enlightenment. I’ve never been one to be quite religious, and I continue to not be, but I have decided that I would open up my mind and explore something that has been a curious interest for some time but I didn’t have the guts to give it a go.

What is it you ask? It’s Tarot readings. What brought this on you wonder? Well I had been following a TV series that happened to feature them and it peaked my interest. As such I consulted my local Amazon webspace and placed a purchase of a classical deck of cards and went downtown to a bookstore to get a good consulting guide so that I could learn what the cards mean and how to use them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning Wiccan or some crazy frizzy haired psychic! My belief is that the cards don’t tell the future; they simply bring to your attention the past, present, and possibile futures, and uses general themes to enlighten a person and to lead them in a positive direction. Ultimately, as always, every decision is the choice of a person and they are to take full responsibility for each of them (including the consequences). I just believe that the cards can provide an insight into things and perhaps a perspective that you haven’t been thinking of yourself.

What has ever been the problem with gaining new perspective? I’ve always been a fan of it, given that I have a pretty fucked up view of reality.

So far it’s been one week and I’ve been doing 1- card draw each day to get a feel of cards and their meanings, and a few simple readings for my co-workers. So far I’ve been freaked out at how accurate and insightful they can be. I also got quite spooked one day this week when I did a 3 card reading for a coworker, then my boss came around and wanted one too. She shuffled the deck for a good 10 minutes in just about every way possible, skeptical of the meanings, and when she drew her three cards she drew the same 3 cards as my co-worker, but in a different order.

Needless to say at that moment I had an epiphany and got spooked! Here’s to new perspective