Despite it being aa few days late, I did my good deed. I’m not one for any display of pride in any way, but this morning something happened for which I’m quite proud. A cute young Brit came up to me whilst I was waiting for a bus, asking for directions. Since I know the city very well I helped as I normally would. Upon asking where he needed to go, he just said ‘Church St.’ I replied with ‘Whereabouts on Church?’ to which he had no idea.

I explained two routes he could take to get there, he ran off with his massive backpack and rainbow hat. I neither got his name nor chatted much at all, but certainly didn’t have the nerve to let him know that he missed out on Pride Celebrations that were last week… I figured though that since he was an attractive young man, he likely was meeting someone and/or his boyfriend.

Either way, despite being chewed out by others for not being forward enough, I really don’t care cause I helped a lost gay find his village. This will likely never happen again… 😉