Bugs Bunny at the Symphony

What’s up Doc indeed! That’s what I was up to this weekend…

I was lucky enough to indulge myself in a little culture, while living in the the relative area of the big city. I headed down to the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, a place that I haven’t been to in forever. At a cost of only $40 to attend, in the mezzanine/balcony, I had the honour of reliving times of my relative childhood, with the cartoons and music of Bugs Bunny and friends.

We were entertained by a large theater screen, the backdrop to the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, who were fantastic, without a doubt. The laughing was entertaining, the magic of the cartoons was electric, and the nostalgic moments of cartooning. Nothing could possibly compare.

The only thing that irritated the bageegees out of me, was the fact that adults elected to bring their children of less than five years old, and as young as eighteen months to this performance. Needless to say, they were jabbering and screaming the entire concert. I resent those people who couldn’t find babysitters for this, because it was clearly not appropriate at all.

Also, as a random side note I was shocked about the lack of bathroom facilities at the location. There was a line-up at intermission of about 50 men, for the mens room, and although the line was moving very quickly, there were only five urinals, and three stalls. How does this make any sense, when the building can seat about 500 people minimum? The bathroom was the single most uncomfortable room I’ve ever been in, as people were basically shoulder to shoulder the entire time. If anything, going to the washroom is a very private moment for me. Boo on the bad people!