When I speak about March Madness, I’m not talking about that ghastly NCAA basketball tournament that goes on for a month and a half, where everyone starts betting on teams, and the TVs are filled with amateur basketball players trying to make it count.

I’m talking about the fact that it’s fiscal year end for my major accounts at work. This creates a great amount of stress, especially since one of the accounts is so irritating about ad-hoc reporting and expects everything to stop, for five people to be hired to assist, and then of course that’s not feasible so I end up doing the work of 6 people to administer what I need to.

This also means that my actual job goes on pause while I go through approximately 250’000 lines of data on Excel to verify, matching approximately 2’000 pieces of paper, and unfortunate a tree that had to be cut down in order to verify everything. I submitted my reports ahead of schedule, but only by a day. The whole day following was about me doing absolutely nothing and trying to bring myself out of a temporary dyslexia. I’ve only now gotten back into the normal aspects of my job: perhaps soon I’ll be able to takle the projects that I’ve been working on for the last two years.

So as you can see, March was a month of madness, hence named March Madness.

As a side note, making reference to march madness also raises my “butch” level at least a point. :DD