What can I say, I’m simply smitten! The mystery dancer of Melodifestivalen 2011 made another appearance on Saturday evening, but this time only appearing in a couple of acts. It’s so sad to only see him appear a few times, but it’s something better than nothing. If you have no idea whom I’m talking about, please see this link (click here) and view photos below.

Linköping.00-01.Mystery DancerLinköping.00-02.Mystery Dancer

As shown above, his first appearance of the evening is with Sara Lumholt’s performance of “Enemy.” He struts his stuff in a seemingly blue flight-attendant outfit, and effectively conveys himself as a competent dancer. Quite honestly, I’ve noticed throughout the last few weeks, that he’s very dedicated and one of the few dancers that are fluid, and actually seem like they are into the dancing, as opposed to just performing as a part of the act!

Linköping.00-03.Mystery DancerLinköping.00-04.Mystery Dancer

Justly so, our mystery dancer makes another appearance in Eric Saade’s number “Popular.” Although he only shows up at the end, post-glass-breaking, and without white shoes like others (snob snob), he still busts a move to make the show complete. It wouldn’t have been right to have a wet dream like Eric Saade not dance with a wet dream like the mystery dancer! The second photo is actually a mistake guilty pleasure; as you can see there is a bit more skin showing than normal, but also what looks like a pseudo-crotch grab! haa!

Okay okay enough enough I won’t be creepy any more; but I have to announce that I have found out the name of this dancer, and will create another ode to him in the near future, revealing his awesomeness to the world.

Do dancers have agents? Do they have websites or fan pages dedicated to them? If not, I think my blog just became his…