This was a few weeks and a long time coming, but I can do nothing short of pay hommage to the great Jenny Silver. Last year she competed with a very strange, but interesting song, and this year she comes with what I’d like to quite frankly call… an anthem.

Luleå.03-01.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-02.Jenny Silver

With flashes throughout of ABBA, and lyrics that are fluid and inspiring, Jenny not only hits the high notes, but also graces us with the basso-alto notes that make such an impact on the sound of the song, that it actually shows the huge range that she can sing.

Luleå.03-03.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-04.Jenny Silver

The theme of blue is my favourite, and the fact that her microphone stand was glowing blue makes it that much better. The choreography is very simple yet effective. Everything improves about 100% when the dancers come out, and it features the famous mystery dancer (of whom I’ve spoken in several other posts, and will continue to do!).

This song is everything that I have my heart, and it’s such a shame that it doesn’t go directly to Globen. It deserves it, because it lights the fire within my soul like Linda Pritchard did last year. It’s an anthem, and it’s the anthem of my love, my heart and my world.

Go Jenny Silver, Go!