At the risk of becoming a stalker, I’ve spotted the sexy dancer again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to the following post that explains everything. Now that I’ve cleared that up, behold the screenshots provided.

Göteborg.00-01.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-02.Mystery Dancer

Firstly, as shown above we notice the mystery dancer accompanying Christer Sjögren, who at this point is unimportant in comparison to the dancer. Both in standing, and about to be standing position, in uniform no less!

Göteborg.00-03.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-04.Mystery Dancer

Who better than to accompany and dance with a drag act, Babsan, than our lovely mystery dancer? Not only is he a perfect gentleman but he also surprises us with a later strip, then gyrating act. Despite being incredibly asexual as I am, this did have a slight tingling effect on me.

Göteborg.00-05.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-06.Mystery Dancer

It gets even better, when our mystery dancer not only dances with Sanna Neilsen, but then gets twirly in the air. Like for realzies!

It’s so disturbing that I’m so clearly N°1 fan… 😀