This song is awesome and the more that I listen to Luleå’s Semifinal from last weekend the more I adore this song and regret that it came in 8th place. Truth be told, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I quite like the sophistication of the song. With a soft yet powerful voice, this dance techno-ish song has a bit of everything. Especially good dancing with a theme of Tron.


It’s clear that Dilba is decent at singing, and is a somewhat comfortable performer. At the very least she looks at ease and like she’s having fun. It’s for this reason that she must be commended for the awesomeness that this song will become. I predict, along with many others that it will become a radio-hit and a popular song in Sweden.

Further to this, I’m obsessed with the dancer that I have circled in red above. He’s hot, and I want him. Simply put. He’s just oozing the appeal that I search so earnestly for.


The only thing that bothers me a bit, is the fact that Dilba always looks like she is leaning forward and therefore her breasts are on the verge of popping out (as seen above). The performance itself is pretty simple and the singing straighforward, and the dancing compliments it perfectly.

I love this song. Does anyone know who this dancer is or must I begin major stalking?