So todays blog post in the challenge is identifying what bad habit I wish I didn’t have. Well I dare say that I have several things that would apply but the one that comes to mind the quickest would be:

I wish that I weren’t so pessimistic. It’s really a bad habit, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s a habit. It’s simply a way of life. Frankly speaking I always see the glass half empty (if I even see the glass at all). It’s mostly because I was raised in a negative environment and I knew nothing else but it. I became bitter very early and jaded even quicker.

If I were to choose a secondary habit that would apply I’d choose: relying on people for things when I know that they are going to flake. This secondary habit is clearly tied up in the former habit, but regardless it’s still something to work towards improvement.

What can I say. As humans we aren’t perfect and can constantly improve.