I’ve joined a recent trend of of an idea of a friend of an acquaintance (talking about degrees of separation). I’m going to try to complete the 30 days of blog entries based on what the original poster has suggested.

Today’s challenge is 15 random facts.

  1. When I was a child, I was tied to a leash
  2. I have a confident façade, and am very shy to people whom I don’t know via direct friends/acquaintances
  3. I crave salty things, and always fall ill when I follow salt up with sweet
  4. I’ve traveled to over 50 countries, and I speak a minimum of 5 languages
  5. If given the opportunity, I’d take on the profession of professional student as my thirst for knowledge outweighs all
  6. I’m a born skeptic and struggle daily with it
  7. I’ve never had a significant other, bar flaky internet relationships when I was 13 (which clearly wasn’t real!)
  8. I’m an only child, but two of my cousins treat me, and I feel treated, like a brother
  9. Since I’m an only child, I’ll never officially be an uncle
  10. I have a fascination of mobile phones and currently possess three (3) that are fully functional
  11. I am old fashioned and hold strong morals and ethics, though try not to judge people personally when they don’t fit the same beliefs
  12. I believe that perspective is the most important thing, and thrive for different perspectives
  13. My favourite food changes on a weekly to bi-weekly basis
  14. I currently sleep with four (4) comforters on my bed to keep warm during the cold nights
  15. I’m a huge fan of glitter, but that’s not a little-known fact!