What the heck? I awoke this morning to have an email in my inbox with the date identified as being in the month of August. My immediate thought was “oh okay I’ll read it later” and then after closing my eyes again with my mobile phone gently rested close to my ear, I sort of had a little freak out mentally.

Where did July go? How and why did it go by so fast? How is it that summer has almost completely been skipped and all the awesomeness avoided?

It was a highly fast-paced month, especially with the maiden arrival into Ontario of my niece, Eva. She is currently roughly 6 months old, and is in the 100th percentile of her height/weight for her age. Very impressive indeed. Sadly on the initial day of August, my cousins and my niece departed back for the West, after staying here for a week chez my mother and I.

I will miss her, and she will miss her Uncle “Jonas” and his bundles of energy. Apart from that, I’m on a two day long detox trying to get back to “normal” after being incredibly inebriated for awhile…