And so the journey continues with the second Semi-Final in Oslo. A strong line-up to come, and brutal critiques to follow (sorry; i’m just too honest!)

Lithuania – InCulto
SF2.01.Lithuania - InCulto

Well this is an interesting way to start out the evening. The song was a bit difficult to get into, but it grew like mould on my ears. Is there something about 6 semi-attractive Lithuanian men dancing around the screen in matching pants and shirts that intrigues me? I swear that I was intrigued more when their trousers came off to reveal sequin short-shorts; I admitted it so don’t hound me! But the musical quality was half-best if that… Funk is funk, what else can I say?

Armenia – Eva Rivas
=> Qualified
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.02.Armenia - Eva Rivas

The only thing that would have made this song better on stage is that if it didn’t start out in Eva’s chest right from the beginning. The song is good, and the singer is beautiful. It’s a cute concept and song about an apricot stone! It’s cheesy-aly displayed on screen with the growth of some sort of apricot tree (or something), but all in all it’s a great song. Me likely!

Israel – Harel Skaat
=> Qualified
SF2.03.Israel - Harel Skaat

Eh.. A lot of people have talked about this song, but it hurt my ears. He sang out of tune about 70% of the song, and as emotional as it was, people saw it as good. I’m not convinced at all…

Denmark – Chanée and N’evergreen
=> Qualified
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.04.Denmark - Chanée and N'evergreen

We have schlager again in Eurovision, youppie! Thank you Denmark for sending a cute Channée and an “uh” ok looking N’evergreen to sing to us about the moments that we pass up, or don’t know, or the times that we want to know what someone else is thinking. There has been much press about the ‘coldness’ between them, despite the love theme, but quite honestly I don’t see why it’s such a huge deal. The windblowers make any love they might not have together, unimportant.

Switzerland – Michael von der Heide
SF2.05.Switzerland - Michael von der Heide

This is a really weird song. It’s like out of the 70s or something with a modern twist, and a Swiss German singing in French. I guess it fits the bill of a lot of songs being in French in Eurovision history, but really I’m not convinced about this piece. The guy is blah looking, but has a bitchin’ name like Michael von der Heide. I’d marry him just for his name, but then again he’s Swiss-German, so that likely wouldn’t happen anyways, as he’d constantly be telling me I’m strange and that I do everything wrong… blah blah blah. Sadly it’s not raining gold for Herr von der Heide!

Sweden – Anna Bergendahl
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.06.Sweden - Anna Bergendahl

Criminal that this song didn’t qualify. It was awesome, the crowd loved it, it’s Anna the cutie, but it didn’t catch and didn’t do well at all. Glowsticks in the crowd made me shiver again just like in Sweden’s Globe Arena. I don’t really know what happend here, but I think it’s tragic. I would have loved to see her win, and I think she could have too. So sad.. back to the drawing board.

Azerbaijan – Safura
=> Qualified
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.07.Azerbaijan - Safura

This song is pure freaking gold. I have successfully, since the release of this song, convinced four North Americans that it’s good quality, and that despite them not knowing where or what Azerbaijan is, that they went right to iTunes to buy a copy. You’re welcome Safura.. so if you see a few purchases that come from Canada, you know who it’s thanks to! I sing this song everywhere, and I’d dare say I diva it up better than her… 😉

Ukraine – Alyosha
=> Qualified
SF2.08.Ukraine - Alyosha

I truly don’t understand this song, nor why it was a qualifier. She looks like a skank off the street, sings decently, but I can’t discern a melody or flow to the song. Did we think that her going to the final would get us laid, or something? Back to the drawing board, Ukraine, please!!

The Netherlands – Sieneke
SF2.09.The Netherlands - Sieneke

Well the Netherlands have tried just about everything to be more successful at this competition. It’s resulted in complete and utter failure, but at least the song was cute and in Dutch! Every time she says ‘zuw’ or ‘zou’ I giggle a little in my chair. She’s so cute for a cougar/puma or whatever she would be. I sorta-liked the song, but it was clear that it wasn’t going anywhere.

Romania – Paula Seling and Ovi
=> Qualified
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.10.Romania - Paula Seling and Ovi

I love Romanian entries and Romanian music. There is something that they do to their music to make it better than others. Maybe it’s the beat, maybe it’s the mix of cute girls and cute boys, but I just really like this song so much that makes me want to learn piano just to play along and make it a trio! Great singing on both accords, great concept and presentation, especially since they are both pianists and do 80% of the performance at the piano. The conversation style works and makes great chemistry on stage!

Slovenia – Ansambel Žlindra and Kalamari
SF2.11.Slovenia - Ansambel Žlindra and Kalamari

Oh wow, this was a huge miss. Were the Slovene people drunk / bored / insane in sending this piece? I think the only thing going for this piece was the sexy accordin player. This group can “go home!” but he can come home with me.. heh!

Ireland – Niamh Kavanagh
=> Qualified
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.12.Ireland - Niamh Kavanagh

A past winner of Eurovision making her return to the stage, in an attempt to salvage Ireland’s winning history of the competition, and despite them choosing a decent song to send, the performance was mediocre at best. I thought that the recording was much more entertaining and dramatic, and that Niamh’s voice was totally not in good shape to sing… Perhaps better in the final she will do better. Not a winner, but a nice ballad.

Bulgaria – Miro
SF2.13.Bulgaria - Miro

It might be a bit of me going out on a limb here with the coming comments, but realistically and quite honestly I’ve always been frank in my analyses. If Miroslav wasn’t “out” before the competition, he might have “outed” himself after this performance. There’s a huge elephant in the room and nobody is going to say it… not even me.

Cyprus – Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders
=> Qualified
SF2.14.Cyprus - Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders

The teenage wet dream dripping boyband made it through with his guitar. It’s an ok song sung decently but with nothing special going on. I think what bothered me most was the obese background singer, but I guess there isn’t much Cypriot population, so they couldn’t scrounge up something nicer to look at. I bet I’m the only one that noticed him though, as the rest of the teenage girls were drooling over this guy…

Croatia – Feminnem
❗ Personal Favourite
SF2.15.Croatia - Feminnem

Well if we were to have upsets in the competition it would have been this one. Feminnem is back from their “Call Me” song a few years ago but revamped and with a new style: sexy, balkan pop-ballad. This song speaks to me, and it draws on any type of eros that exists. It behooves me to feel drawn into their song and what they are trying to express. It’s criminal that they didn’t qualify and move to the final, they could have honestly taken the spot of some other songs that I wasn’t so fond of. So tragic..

Georgia – Sopho Nizharadze
=> Qualifer
SF2.16.Georgia - Sopho Nizharadze

This song is lovely, it truly is, but the performance ruined it for me. It’s too busy, too dancy, and too difficult to take a screenshot! There were better things that night, but it’s not worse than the go home songs this year, that’s forsure!

Turkey – maNga
=> Qualfied
SF2.17.Turkey - maNga

Not my style, but it’s an ok song. As expected the Turkish diaspora played a big role, and every poppy girl that watched Eurovision had their boyfriend’s vote for Turkey. I’m convinced. They are cute, and popular across Europe, but I’m still not on the band-wagon. I do like the way it looked on stage though, very funky!

So that was the show. Seven favourites means it was a half-decent performance, but there were criminal results. I really don’t think any of it made much difference though, as I get the impression that the continent already has decided who they are going to crown the winner…