I can’t help but express and comment on legislation that went into effect last summer regarding mobile phone and handheld device usage whilst driving in the province of Ontario. Needless to say its outlawed and fines are fairly lax compared to other nations.

And so I first offer my annoyance with people who break this law and endanger themselves and other innocent people due to their negligence. I for one, as a pedestrian feel that the majority of drivers already are ignorant of my presence whilst crossing roads, even when wearing bright colours.

And so I offer the Police Departments in Toronto, York Region, and Peel Region (and of course the Ontario Provincial Police) some tips as to better catch offenders. The most usage ice notices is with drivers in the vecinity of Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in a radius of 5km. This includes the office and industrial offices east of Airport Road. This is where the offenders are most; I know because I see them daily. Further to this; in the Airport Corporate Centre along Eglinton Ave between Renforth and Dixie Rd, north to the 401 is another huge offender area.

To police officers; please help to protect harmless people like me, and if any law enforcement individuals happen to stumble upon this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.

PS: Offramps of any and all highways are particularly bad as well.