It has long been delayed, but I have to take a moment to thank and to recognize the wonder and hawtness that is Linda Pritchard in this year’s Melodifestivalen with her song You’re Making me Hot-Hot-Hot (which is by far one of the best songs that’s been produced ever!)

Örnsköldsvik.3-01.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-02.Linda Pritchard

We open the hawt song with a lovely intro, and the sexy red-head sportin’ her attitude filled strong voice. She bops around, dips like you wouldn’t believe, and all magically in tune with the dancers and the music!

Örnsköldsvik.3-03.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-04.Linda Pritchard

Then we move into the chorus where we are getting a little bit hotter, and then are stretching our vocal cords a little bit before moving into the holy freaking awesome reprise!

Örnsköldsvik.3-05.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-06.Linda Pritchard

Then she gives us even more sexy attitude then asks us to get hot with her.

Örnsköldsvik.3-07.Linda Pritchard

How can people not have liked this song; it was so clearly one of the better songs in the competition (not the best) but one of the best songs that I’ve heard produced in a really long time. More than that I’ve never heard of her before this; but then again it reminds me of what she tells us: to FREE YOUR MIND!