Ode to Hanna Lindblad

This is one of the sexiest displays of hawtness that I’ve ever seen before in my life. It makes me wants to be into Hanna Lindblad, who is hawt, a great singer, and an even better performer…

Sandviken.8-01.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-02.Hanna Lindblad

When I stat to imagine being Manipulated by someone, more specifically in this case a dominatrix named Hanna, I can’t help but think that it’s funny to start on the floor; very sexy.

Sandviken.8-03.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-04.Hanna Lindblad

When Hanna et al. all arrive onto their feet and are dancing, they execute the most amazing timing to each other with sync and with the music. Then we get a little emo when we are describing why we are manipulated…

Sandviken.8-05.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-06.Hanna Lindblad

Then we do deep lunges and share how strong our legs because we all know what’s coming on in the end…

Sandviken.8-07.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-08.Hanna Lindblad

What’s sexier than controlling to cross-dressing men who have long hair, and sexy heels on? I can’t think of much at least in the context of this performance, but then I’m proved wrong with Hanna showing her flexibility as a dominatrix!

Sandviken.8-09.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-10.Hanna Lindblad

Then we are getting a little self-conscious about it all and retreat back into our shells. I’m still shellshocked since the last chorus…

Sandviken.8-11.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-12.Hanna Lindblad

When I see singers and dancers intertwine their arms like they did I think of Vishnu or Sheeba or some weird Eastern god with a million arms that are all there to control you like the dominatrix. So hawt!

Words can’t express how much this performance has; sexiness, domantrix, guys in drag, guys in heels, dancers in heels, sexy flexibility, creepy make-up, just all around sexiness. I have to say I was panting a little bit after seeing this spectacle…


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