So this weeks news has been plagued by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, and the subsequent travel chaos that the world is experiencing because of the massive ash-cloud. Lets take a minute to look at the facts and the global reaction.

People have no right to be upset with Iceland, nor any nation; natural disasters are exactly that… and uncontrollable

People need to stop being so critical of the fact that their Swiss Vacation from Sweden has to be cancelled, because quite frankly the flash flooding in Iceland and the way the Icelandic people are suffering is far greater than a vacation cancelled.

The closures have occurred for the greatest safety of passengers, and air-traffic.

A lot of negative media attention, and social networking has been going on blaming Iceland. It’s not their fault, nor their people’s fault; so stop blaming them and the country.

I find it also kind of fascinating that the world is taking such a huge stance on this. What about when a massacre is going on in Sudan? People notice the ‘issue’ and go about their day, but now that the volcanic ash has affected people’s travel it becomes a huge issue and it’s all Iceland’s fault.

Grow up people; you’re pissing me off. This experience once again helps humans to understand the humility and the grandeur of Earth and how we are all connected in a larger way that we often thing. For instance, weather is often identified by region and sometimes sub-categorised within regions or countries. Frankly stated, we all share in weather and how it affects us. Sure a few centigrade lower here and there, and higher elsewhere, but the way that climate, weather, and the natural balance affects us links us all together. The same Jet Stream that warms the Northern Scandinavian nations, is the same that warms the UK and Caribbean.

Take a step back and realize what you are saying, thinking, and accusing and why. You’ll find you have nobody to blame but yourselves for being so egotistic, selfish, and critical of something that can’t be blamed on any one place or nation.

And for the record, I’ve loved Iceland well before this disaster has gone on. I give this opportunity to wave from the city to my friend Hei∂ar, who I’ve known forever! :wave: