So for the first time this week I arrived home at a reasonable hour… Here is the low down of my week so far:

  • Monday: To Square One to drop off trousers to be hemmed, arrival home circa 19.30
  • Tuesday: Home directly, then to choir dress rehearsal in Sharon, arrival home circa 22.30
  • Wednesday: To Square One to pick up trousers from being hemmed, arrival home circa 20.30
  • Thursday: Home directly, finally home circa 18.30

I’m still super unimpressed that GOTransit changed bus times and I end up arriving home 30 minutes later. This means my morning commuite is circa 2 hours, afternoon commute circa 3 hours. Please kill me now.

Saving grace is that today, at least, I got home ‘normally’ without being hit on, harrassed, stalked, or any other negative like things that happen to me on a regular basis.