Words can not describe my distain for springtime hormonal antics of other people. People are getting married, engaged, in relationships, hooking up, moving in together, and whatever else.

I’m just minding my own business, when someone totally tries to pick me up out of nowhere. What do I do? Politely try to fend them off, as I clearly was not interested. What happend then, I clearly was guilted into giving them my number.

They progressed to send odd sms to me whilst I was trying to nap on my connecting bus, and low and behold they try to play all innocent “oh I didn’t want that, I just wanna hang out” and whatever and I so can not even believe that.

Okay I give them credit for having the nerve to do that, but seriously, I’m not approchable at all so why even bother? Only the desperate would come up to me to chat me up, after all.