Neon Bowling - Stellar Lanes, NewmarketNeon Bowling - Stellar Lanes, Newmarket

I went bowling on Friday night, and it was tragic. The evening consisted of me having banter with Michael, Niel, Danielle, and Kate. I used one of my many aliases, Joachim, in order not to be recognized in my town. It worked like a charm, and was lovely. Michael, took his name Mikeypoo affectionately. Turns out that I’m even worse at five pin bowling than I thought originally. I had a couple rounds of less than fifty, which is abismal.

My life sucks, but at least the neon was coolish. We had a speed round when our time was running out, which consisted of the best scores and the most fun that we had the whole night! For those who actually care where the bowling was, it was at Stellar Lanes, in Northern Newmarket. It’s north on Leslie St. Go team.