So my neighbours are getting their passports done, and I got to talk to them about why, etc. Turns out that they tried to go to Mexico last year, and weren’t allowed because they didn’t have passports, and then they realised that maybe it’s a good idea to do so. What most people don’t understand about passports, is the process that you go through to get them is very important and the document can eventually be the only way to prove citizenship of any given country. If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t people normally do it?

In any case, she decided to go to The Netherlands to visit the family she hasn’t seen in forever. Turns out she doesn’t know where they live, but will figure it out eventually (given their trip is in October). I congratulated her, as she doesn’t get out much, and wished her well in the nice weather (as it’s currently not raining; wow!)

It feels so nice when people who normally can’t go on vacation get to; but it also reminds me that if I wanna go to grad school in Sweden I have to update my passport also; oh phooie.