Newmarket, ONNewmarket, Pizza Hut

Who would have thunk that with the cold temperatures that the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been getting, would be broken by a heat wave that brought high levels of humidty and tons of showers. The rain has become annoying, and so when we get some summer sunshine I take photos of random things! First thing would be the trip to Pizza Hut! Oh yes, the tradition of France comes back to Canada, although the pizzas here are larger and cost a little bit more, but are the same great taste! In fact, the taste is so savoury that I took the remainder parts into work and am going to eat them on Friday. Yummy dummy! The streets of Newmarket, Ontario are filled with creepies, but on this day they were filled with sunshine as seen in the above pictures.

Newmarket - Mulock & Bathurst

The following days were started with sunshine mixed with clouds, but this sight at Mulock Dr. & Bathurst St. in Newmarket made me take the camera out and take a photo. The colours can’t be seen, but the way it was to my eye was a meriad of pinks, purples, and greys that painted the sky at 06.30 in the morning. Regardless of any of this, it was a pretty sight, and it’s a nice way to start the day: with sunshine every morning (or at least general sunlight). Such a shame that it will be done with in a few months! Le sigh!