Goreway Drive, south of Steeles Ave.Westwood Mall, Malton

What can be said about a 120km hike to work each morning, and the same returning? Who the hell knows. All I know is that every morning the chances of getting stopped on the Goreway Drive, south of Steeles, by a train that lasts about 40 minutes is very high. Seen above is the proof of this happening; truly a tragedy! Tragically for me, the bus terminal in Malton (Mississauga) is across that, and can be seen on the right-handed picture. I get to see that pretty sight each morning, and oddly it’s always really sunny in the morning, I guess I luck out! Sadly there is no photo of my number 7S bus that goes to the airport and across Eglinton Ave. to Square One.

Spectrum Way, Mississauga

And what do I do after a long day at work? Hide in the shadow outside my office at Spectrum Way & Eglinton, which is across from CSA headquarters, and HP headquarters. Good old Airport Corperate Plaza! I get off work at 16:30, which means my alarm goes off at 16:25 so that I get to my bus outside the office at 16:35 bar disaster. I’ve nearly missed it, because my exit is delayed by bathroom break or forgetting the lunch bag, but clearly you can see how unimpressed I am in the second photo, waiting for the bus in 30°C+ weather, plus humidty of course. Notice earphones that help me live through the journey, and sunglasses to ensure that I’m not watched during the ride as well. Great photo!

Spectrum Way, MississaugaSpectrum Way, Mississauga

And of coures the dummy photos that get taken accidentally clearly are of my feet, oh how lovely, and the cord in motion. Does this make you want a Nokia? Hell yes bitches! I love you Finland!