Oulu pathsOulu's Carnival

It exists, I swear it. There are carnies that live and work in Finland, and not only are they Finnish but they seem to attract gypsies gallore! Who knew that only in Scandinavia, gypsies actually wear their special outfits and walk around, and are not hidden like in the rest of Europe. In any case, my friend started work again and since I left a few days later I had to spend the day by myself exploring. I did so by walking from Koskela to downtown Oulu via the the endless amounts of walking/bike paths in the region. In between this time and walking around some more in Stockmans, we went on the way back, talking of limits of ourselves, and stretching the thoughts into a carnival, where they even had rickity roller coasters that dared themselves by staying on the tracks. It really was a surprise, but I had a good laugh. This was followed by laying at the port, eating candies, and chatting more about us.

Oulu Airport

The last few nights together was not only trying with time, but also emotionally. It turned out that my friend and I bonded dramatically and we got terribily used to each other’s company. Nights were filled with tears, and awkward silences, and starvation, but we managed to have a good time by geeking and l33t1ng ourselves out talking about my new mobile phone, and other misc. topics such as Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. As snuggle time passed I began to become sad about packing all of my things away. I agreed to leave some of my things in Oulu so that I have firm reasons to come back and get them, as well as because I seemend to not be able to get my stuff back into the same spots. Truly tragic. The next morning I spent puttering around and making my way up to the factory univeristy to meet to take me to the airport. I left him a nice card at his flat, that made him cry shortly thereafter, and we arrived at the airport two hours ahead of schedule. I actually read the ticket wrong, but it’s better to be early than late! I chilled there for a few hours and then made my way to Helsinki, called, and then onto Stockholm on the smallest plane known to mankind with limited space and obviously all business people coming back from one capitol to another!

I arrived back into a super-hot Sweden, and made my way back ot Arash’s place, which he clearly wasn’t at. There was clear awkward atmosphere with him and his inability to keep himself under control but this was remedied with badminton, Couchsurfing meetings, and hanging out with Carolina!