Since I’m totally hip and on the inside group of the Couchsurfers in Caen, I participate in all of the amazing adventures. On Thursday, we had planned a night out which would include having to dress up with something that starts with the letter “G.” Since I was spending the better part of the week exercising I got pretty lazy and when I finally opened up a dictionary to find something to wear I stumbled across the greatest idea in the history of ideas.

The night in general just gave us all an excuse to dress up like idiots, and since it was the holidays there was hardly anyone around to make fun of us. We were about two weeks late of the Carnival so people that did pass us made little comments. I elected to not go full out, and to be more witty than anything, in far of further assaults. So I chose the French word greviste which translates to a person who is on strike. What a perfect idea, living in France, right? I thought so. But what made it even better, was the fact that I was a person on strike against strikes. The irony was so good that everyone at the party thought it was great; and thus I’m a star.

If you’re wonder what’s up with the picture I’ll explain. I’m no the left, for the Mouvement Anti Grève “parce que j’en ai marre!” and because “Chez moi, on n’en a jamais!” Photographed to my left is Nico, a good friend of mine from Toulouse who dressed up as a geek, he did it far too well methinks!

This was the prélude to the weekend, as we had planned to do an official CouchSurfing D-Day Beaches tour with all of our guests. I didn’t realise until I got there of the gravity of the travellers, as there were about 20 all together, and a lot of them had nowhere to go. And so I enlisted my assistance as always, since nobody had contacted me at that point (how sad!). I agreed to take a German and a Canadian, none of whom ever showed up because they are flaky (espeically after caling me at 02h30) and then I agreed to take two lovely Australians for Sunday night before they left on Monday since Nico couldn’t have them as per work.

Here I also met some Americans that are assistants in Perpignan, Kevin, and in Lorraine, Sarah and Caitlin. We hit it off great and were chit-chatting the whole weekend. They are so lovely and I’ve really never clicked so well with travellers. I appear just to host the duds. I reckon I’ll go south to visit Kevin before I leave as the South-West is what eludes me.

Evening was a success, and I went home to rest, finally…