Having been recommended by my friends in Vire, the corner of Calvados department, of an awesome vampire series of books, and given that France is about a year behind in all films that are released, I decided to go and watch the film Twilight which is based on the novel series by Stephenie Meyer, an American morman writer. This series is best-selling, and is based on a story of a vampire, Edward, played by Robert Pattinson (who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter), who falls in love with a human, Bella. Steamy.

There are certain aspects of this film that make me so happy, and are worth sharing. But first lets get the superficial aspect out of it. Best line of the whole film is as follows:

Twilight.01.EdwardTwilight.02.Edward & Bella

Edward: I feel very protective of you.

Whoah nelly is that sexy as hell?! The fact that a vampire that is  “vegetarian” (meaning the family only eats the blood of animals) is in love with a human and feels the need to protect her, despite his amazing super-abilities and monsteresque features? If only such a thing could be uttered in normal human life, without the whole issue of “posession” coming in, whew.

Okej now that I’ve emptied my superficiality I can delve into some more themes that I find interesting. Apart from the obvious love theme, there are some more moralistic ones that I agree with an admire. Started with the philosophy of only converting to vampires people who were in dire dying situations, Carlisle Cullen, the father, converted a bunch of the family and with incredible self control, manages to teach them not only not to feed on humans, but to control their “urges” and cravings. This makes me happy; it’s a pillar to the future of human existence: self control. One’s control over themselves and self-mastery is key to everything, and the betterment of society.

Not only is self control a major moralistic approach, but also the fact that the vampires don’t want to be monsters and don’t want to be the type to kill humans. They see that it’s wrong, and that despite not being satisfied by human blood, they can be strong and feed on animal blood, thus surviving. It shows great sacrifice for the better, which is another empathetic trait that I admire greatly.

So what does this film tell me? Go buy the box-set of the book and read that shit, for shizzle! My friends tell me that vampire sex is really hot too, which remains to be seen, but I can only imagine.

This relationship between Bella and Edward is like the perfect embodiment of my life. It’s awkward, controlled, hesitant, unsure, which makes for the most amazing type of the relationship. You know what they want, but they can’t, but the control and resisting that you see makes it all the better. That’s how I am, frigidly awkward, and so I can relate to being a vampire so much. After all, we share a few traits already: such as being frigid, distant, emotionally retarded, self controlled, measured, and isolatory!

Go me, the new vampire. Take me now!