So what is it like to go and celebrate the night after Malena Ernman wins Melodifestivalen 2009? Not so great apparently. Awkward ambuscade party, with loads of drama, and when I decided not to join friends from a drink at a dodgy bar I returned home on bike. Upon arriving at L’Hôtel de Ville, I was about to grab a bike when a man pulled up asking for directions to Bayeux. I misinterpreted as it being in the opposited direction for rue de Bayeux, but he was looking for the town. And so I told him that I think you have to go this way and turn right towards the highway. He progressed to ask me how old I was, what I was doing, why I was going home as it was so early, if he could join me, where I lived, and if I wanted a ride. I quickly said no, wished him good luck to find Bayeux and grabbed my bike.

Few minutes later after passing Anciennes Boucheries, and État Major, there were a group of younger people there that I didn’t see or pay any attention to. I got to Place Villiers, deposed my bike and heard some footesteps behind me. A tall, arab guy came and tried to take my bike and asked why I had locked it. I told him that that’s what you do. He asked me to give him the bike, I avoided answering and asked him why he needed one. He kept going on and on in a drunken rampage about how he’s sick of it, and to fucking give him the bike. I said I can’t cause I don’t have the code.

He grabbed me, threw me over the bike-stand, and started to kick and punch me. As a pacifist, clearly I didn’t put up much of a fight. Once I realised that there were two other guys there, one of which had a camera in my face taking photos and a video of me getting beaten up, I started to panic. I told him that okay if he let me go I’d put the code in the bike machine. He kept kicking at me, and he’s so tall that when he kicked me as I was standing he hit my head (which gave me the gash). Once I felt blood on my face I felt it was time to just give in and give him the bike. I went over to the machine, even though he was trying to stop me, and lifted me up. I saw the third friend behind the panneau trying to hide, but I saw him, started to panic again, and then finally told the guy that I was putting in my code. I was about to do it, and then I bolted casue I saw him turn around. He chased me for a few meters.

I encountered another person that seemed to be in a different group of people. I screamed at him and asked him for help as the guy was attacking me. He grabbed me, kicked me, and I kept on running yelling profanities in the Swedish Language. I managed to get around the corner, panicked because I thought that if he followed me then he’d know where I live. I made it to the parking lot in front of my house, got through the gate and ran to my door.

I paniced, banged on Johannes’ door asking for help. We tried to find the number for the National Police, which I called and after 30 rings they picked up. I told them that I was attacked, where, and what they looked like. They, as always, thought I was a woman. And then progressed to ask my appearance, as there was another few attacks in the area and they wanted to know if it was the same one. I asked them what I could do, as I’m afraid to leave and I probably have to go to the hospital. They told me that they could do nothing until they had a certificate from a doctor to say that I was injured. I was livid.


So I called my friends who were out getting drunk, and nobody had reception except for Mattieu (who’s number I luckally found on Facebook), and then asked them to come help me to the hospital cause I couldn’t leave alone. Johannes took some photos of me, as shown above, and then I finally arrived at the hospital. The woman there was so rude that I was a foreigner, that even at 3am, Audrey had to tell the woman to be more polite and that it wasn’t fair, especially considering the circumstances. I’m getting the hospital bill in a little while.

I got some stiches, and was sent home. Unfortunately didn’t die sleeping that night, but wow. Even when I went to go play tennis with Guilhem this afternoon I was paranoid walking down the street. I have to find an alternate way to get home now. 🙁

The resulting end of this ordeal left me with sitches, a very stinging elbow, a weak and bruised wrist, bruises on both arms, ribs, legs, stomach, and feet. Extreme fatigue and paranoia also.