Season Three has brought us many ups-and-downs, on the Ugly Betty show, so it’s no surprise that even after going bankrupt because Connor stole all of the funds of the Meade Publication Industry, funny shit goes down on the show. If you missed it, here’s a recap.


Ignacio Suarez family has gone a little poor and are being evicted, so Justin became the local panhandler, skipped school, and brought in $250. Wow America during a fanancial crisis. Then Whilemina and Daniel took the bus, trying to pay with credit, and a $50 that couldn’t be broken, all so that they could ask for a federal bail-out, which failed. The look on Whilemina’s face is one that I recreate every day, I’m not even joking!


In other developents, Betty’s love life is steaming up, with the apparently super rich boyfriend of a dorky sports assistant who is absient-minded and bloody damn cute and dorky as fuck. Betty if you don’t take him, I will. The line “Cause Betty, I’m like really into you” just made my heart melt and then I screamed and probably woke up my neighbours. Bwhaha! I guess by now they are used to my outbursts! I kind of got the impression that Matt (new lover) was a bit rich, as he started a tab at the cocktail bar, but I wonder how. Is he relted to Connor, or some Media Giant, or are his parents philanthropists?