Sarek - I Natt ska Marken Skälva

Unbeknownced to me, my favourite group changed websites and released a new CD last year and has even been touring. Despite it’s change of musicians and such, the Swedish folk-pop group, Sarek, released a new album entitled I Natt ska Marken Skälva. It’s really not so bad at all but is lacking the fun flare that the previous albums had!

  1. Skymning (Intro)
  2. I natt ska marken skälva
  3. Magiska sekunder
  4. Lilla barn
  5. Genom drömmar
  6. Låt mig vara
  7. Du får ännu mitt hjärta att slå
  8. Pärlorna i mörkret
  9. Skäl
  10. Sjunger för dig
  11. Ädelsten och guld
  12. Längtan till vidderna (Outro)

The above listing is higlighted with my personal favourites. The lovely mix of sending me back to the 17th century with instruments, with a modern style makes me happy.

I’m mostly upset that I was unaware that they changed their members (again), and started to tour again. The last I heard on their old website was that they were all pregnant and taking a break, but then heard no new updates. Now I know that with a new website, and a renewed album they will be at least around for another little while.