Something strange happened to me today, and I feel guilty and bad. However, it left me a little bit “glistening” if that makes any sense. I was waiting for a connecting bus to get home and someone walked by me: reasonably attractive, and listening to music. They sort of tucked their shirt in, but a mid-drift was exposed while doing this for a quick second. I continued reading my book.

We both seemed to get on the same bus. I sat in the back, and they sat in the front facing. I was reading, and then doing the true French thing, I sort of caught myself staring. Only about about 3m away from me, I thought that they realised that it was a lingering look, and then started to grin. I clearly went a shade of scarlet, smiled a little bit and buried my head in the book. I couldn’t concentrate on the words for the full 5 minute bus ride, and I couldn’t help being evasive in my glance, until I rang the bell to get off the bus.

I was looking down, but could see out of the corner of my eye that they was staring at me sort of grinning. I looked up, pressed the door-opening button, looked quickly with that sort of bashful smile, and tried not to fall out of the bus in descending. I walked all the way home with this silly grin on my face, sort of glowing. Even now as I’m typing this it’s still a grin, but I feel I did something so stupid and embarrassing! 8|